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Cannon Asset Managers’ Global Growth Bundle invest in growth assets, especially equities and real estate assets, outside of South Africa. The portfolio has complete flexibility in the allocation of assets in terms of countries, currencies and regions and targets a long-term return of inflation plus six percent (CPI + 6%). The portfolio manager has full discretion in asset allocation between and within asset classes, countries and regions. The portfolio is required to holding at least 80% of its assets outside of South Africa, although the long-run strategic target is to allocate all investments globally and outside of South Africa. The strategic asset allocation favours capital growth assets and, in particular, equities and real estate.

The exposure within the different asset classes is managed on a passive basis, which ensures holdings deliver efficient asset-class returns and costs are kept as low as possible. The primary goal of the bundle is to produce high capital growth over the longer term through exposure to global assets.

Cannon Asset Managers’ Global Growth Bundle invests in a portfolio of equities, property, bonds, commodities and cash. The bundle does not comply with the investment limits governing retirement funds (Regulation 28 of the Pension Funds Act). In the long run, the strategic allocation targets holding all investments outside of South Africa in offshore assets. There are no limits or constraints to the geographic allocation or currency allocation of the portfolio. Similarly, the portfolio may be aggressively managed, with underlying assets being shifted between different markets and various asset classes to reflect changing economic, political, business and environmental conditions. The manager has full discretion over asset allocation to maximise total returns over the long term.

The bundle is suited to investors who

1. Are looking for long-term capital growth ahead of consumer price inflation.
2. Can tolerate short-term portfolio volatility associated with an aggressive investment mandate.
3. Seek global investment exposure.
4. Have an investment horizon of at least five years.

Underlying Bundle Total Expense Ratio (TER) 0,53

Transaction Costs 0,13

Asset Management Charge 0,65

Effective Annual Cost (%) 1,30

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