FTWR Equity Foundation - Unum

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1.25 %
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FTWR Equity Foundation

The strategy aims to identify locally listed shares that have sound and sustainable prospects for growth, value and dividend yield. The core of the strategy selects stable shares for long term wealth creation and is not speculative in nature. The strategy is based on 80% fundamental analysis and 20% technical analysis. 

The strategy is defined by a multi-faceted approach on stock-picking strategies. The filtration process screens asset classes and sector cyclicals for potential.  A deeper fundamental filtration based on listed securities actively trading on the JSE All Share Index. The criteria for selection is based on a combination of the following fundamental and technical observations by the portfolio manager:

    • Liquidity and trade-ability

  • Sound and strong fundamentals, specifically wrt asset management and cash flow

  • Internal share strength and external overall market potential

The strategy aims to outperform the JSE Allshare Index and the performance benchmark is STEFI + 5%.

Risk Management

Risk profile: Medium/High 

The risk management for each weighted stock in the portfolio is limited to 1% to 2.5% of account size. Should the stock under-perform below expectation, an exit strategy will be initiated.


The portfolio is re-balanced on a monthly basis, in order to maintain optimum exposure in the strongest potential stocks during the current market cycle and trend. 

Bundle Fee - 1.25%

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FTWR Equity Foundation - Unum
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