Investec Environmental World Index Autocall

Investec Environmental World Index Autocall  

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The Environmental World Index Autocall (“Autocall”) is a structured product, listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (“JSE”). The Autocall’s performance is linked to the performance of the Euronext CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) Environment World EW Index (“Index”). The investment product is designed to provide investors with an attractive return even if the Index makes only modest returns over the investment term. The investment provides exposure in Rand with a high degree of capital protection. Capital is at risk if no early redemption occurs and the Index has fallen more than 40% from trade date to maturity date. A pre-defined enhanced return of 25% (non-compounded cumulative) per annum in Rand is paid in the event of flat or positive Index performance on the Automatic Call Dates, hence the term Autocall. The Autocall offers investors the potential to earn enhanced returns relative to cash and fixed income investments. The issuer of the Autocall is Investec Bank Limited (“IBL”).

Summary of offering

  • A maximum five-year Rand investment linked to the performance of the Index.
  • This Autocall will mature at the end of year five but may be subject to Automatic Call Dates at the end of year 3 or year 4.
  • The Automatic Call Date feature may lead to the investment terminating prior to the five-year term.
  • Pays a 25% enhanced return per annum, if the Index is flat or positive on any Automatic Call Date.
  • 100% capital protection in Rand provided the Index does not end more than 40% below the Initial Index Level at maturity.
  • Investments from R100,000 and increments of R1,000 thereafter.
  • Daily pricing on the JSE, 0.5% bid/mid spread and monthly statements from your stockbroker.
  • Liquidity is provided by Investec Bank Limited, who undertakes to act as sole market maker. The Autocall is issued by Investec Bank Limited.




Important dates

Closing date

16 March 2020

Trade date

24 March 2020

Listing date

2 April 2020

Maturity date

24 March 2025


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